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An Inside Look at Ingersoll Place

Published: Friday, November 4, 2022

An Inside Look at Ingersoll Place

An Inside Look at Ingersoll Place

People are often curious about what it’s like to live in an assisted living community and what to expect from a typical day. Although many assisted living communities offer the same or similar services, it helps to know what makes a community special. At Ingersoll Place Assisted Living and Memory Care in Niskayuna, we provide a supportive and nurturing environment where residents can look forward to and enjoy something different every day. Here’s a behind the scenes look at what goes on.

Making Good Mornings Happen

It’s 7 a.m., coffee is brewing, bacon is sizzling and fresh fruit salad is chilling as final preparations for breakfast are underway. You can hear the sound of a distant vacuum cleaner and see the comings and goings of Resident Care staff as the day shift comes on duty. Some residents are early risers, ready to get a jump start on their morning routines. They may have already taken a lap or two through the hallways or, in good weather, around the tree-lined circular drive. While many residents are independent in managing their personal care, others may need the staff’s assistance with bathing, toileting and dressing to help them welcome the day. Still others prefer to sleep in, sip a cup of tea or coffee and read the morning paper in the comfort and privacy of their own apartments.

By mid-morning, the reception desk is buzzing as phone lines ring with calls from physicians’ offices and pharmacies and from residents hoping to schedule a hair appointment with Ingersoll’s beautician, Rae. Visitors are signing the guest book, packages are being delivered by UPS, FedEx and Amazon and local florists are dropping off colorful bouquets for residents’ birthdays and other special occasions. Spectrum is on-site to activate a new cable connection, housekeepers are making their rounds on each wing and the management staff will soon gather for their daily morning meeting.

Promoting Good Health and Hearty Appetites

Nearly all of the seats in the Activities Room are filled, due, in large part, to the creativity and enthusiasm of Activities Department staff and the diverse array of programs they offer. From daily exercise classes that promote good health, word games that exercise the brain and arts, crafts and music that nurture the soul, Ingersoll’s monthly calendar is an abundant source of laughter, joy and enriching activities to be shared in the company of friends and neighbors.

At noon, as the doors to the Stanford Dining Room open for lunch, residents are looking forward to chef-prepared entrees, made-to-order grill items, deli-style sandwiches and of course, desserts. Ingersoll’s assisted living and memory care communities both feature restaurant-style menus with lots of choices that help meet – and satisfy – the individual preferences and dietary needs of our residents.

Bingo and a Whole Lot More

Afternoons are a potpourri of special events and celebrations, musical entertainment, Bingo and poker games, pool tournaments and everybody’s Friday favorite, Happy Hour! It’s also a time for impromptu sing-alongs, trivia games and lively conversations that unfold in a cozy alcove, just beyond the main lobby. Weather permitting, residents and Activities staff often gather beneath the entrance canopy for karaoke competitions or to just sit back and people watch.

In the Lower East Conference Room, it’s standing room only as Resident Care staff and the assistant case manager give afternoon report to the incoming 3-to-11 shift.

Easing Into Evening

As the dinner hour approaches, Ingersoll’s baby grand player piano takes center stage with a playlist of classical music, show tunes and light jazz. It’s the perfect segue into the evening hours as residents begin winding down after a busy day. Most residents will return to their own apartments after dinner to watch TV or chat with family and friends on the phone. A few prefer to watch a movie together in the Activities Room or put the finishing touches on a jigsaw puzzle they’ve been working on all day.

At 8 p.m., the lights dim over the front desk as the evening receptionist goes off duty. Administrative offices are closed until morning. The main entrance doors lock automatically and after-hours visitors, emergency responders and other essential personnel will be escorted into the building by Resident Care staff.

By 11 p.m., the hallways are quiet; most residents are sleeping; a few may still be watching a ballgame gone into overtime. Another change of shift is underway, from evening to overnight. Rounds will be made on each wing, charts will be reviewed, laundry will be done, anxious residents will be comforted.

Here to Help, 24/7

 It’s 7 a.m. Over the past 24 hours, almost every resident of Ingersoll Place will have received medication assistance multiple times. Many needed help dressing, showering and with personal hygiene. Several residents were transported by Ingersoll’s staff to physicians’ offices.  One needed a quick trip to a nearby bank. Another needed help dialing the phone to call her daughter. There were two 9-1-1 calls that drew swift attention from the area’s first responders. Through it all, the skilled and dedicated staff at Ingersoll Place were on hand to assist, encourage and care.

Coffee is brewing, bacon is sizzling… A new day has begun.

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