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Q&A with Jordan LaVare, RN, Resident Care Director

Published: Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Q&A with Jordan LaVare, RN, Resident Care Director

It takes a great management team to run a great organization like Ingersoll Place Assisted Living and Memory Care. With that in mind, we’re pleased to feature Jordan LaVare, RN, Resident Care Director, who recently sat down for a Questions and Answers interview for this month’s blog. 


Q:  Congratulations, Jordan! You’ve been on the job at Ingersoll Place since October, 2022, how’s it going?

A:  I love it here and look forward to each new day! It’s my calling to be a nurse and to help people. The geriatric population, especially those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, have my heart. There’s a wonderful, homey atmosphere at Ingersoll Place. I felt it when I worked here part-time as a resident care assistant while attending nursing school and it’s one of the reasons I wanted to return. I spend my day with an amazing group of people – residents, staff and families – who make it so easy and enjoyable to come to work.


Q:  What prompted you to become a nurse?

A:  In 10th grade, I had this great biology teacher, Mrs. Maier, and something just clicked. I signed up for anatomy and physiology classes the following year which really got the ball rolling.


Q:  Prior to your present position, where did you work?

A:  In 2013, I was hired by the Visiting Nurse Service (VNS) of Northeastern NY as an RN Case Manager. In addition to providing direct patient care and working with a multidisciplinary healthcare team, I supervised home health aides and provided educational support to patients, families and care staff.


Q:  What’s one of the most frequently asked questions by Ingersoll Place residents and family members?

A:  Questions about medication management are among the most common. Before moving to Ingersoll Place, most residents had their own daily routines for taking medications. Once they’re here and Resident Care staff are responsible for their medication management, those familiar routines often change. Although health department regulations allow for a window of time during which medications can be given to residents, this change in routine can be stressful and difficult to understand. We strive for as much consistency as possible in managing each resident’s medication schedule and are always available to answer questions and provide reassurance to anyone with concerns. With the steady arrival of new residents, I think about medication management as a “revolving door of education.”


Q:  How would you describe your relationship with your staff?

A:  I’ve been well received by the staff and have developed a comfortable working relationship with them. I’m on the units throughout the day and often circle back to offer assistance in whatever way it’s needed. I view every moment as a teachable moment to improve resident care and provide support and education for my staff.

They know I’ve walked in their shoes as a resident care assistant, that I respect them as individuals and appreciate the hard work they do. I’m confident they feel the same about me.


Q:  What’s life like when you’re not on the job at Ingersoll Place?

A:  Derrick and I have a very busy household that includes our 15 month old son, Matthew and daughters, Gemma, age 11 and Lorelei, 8. We also have two dogs, Remington and Cooper and three cats, Gerald, Piggy, and Suny. When time allows – which isn’t often – I enjoy reading, binge-watching shows on Netflix and Hulu and shopping kid-free. Once the weather is nicer, we will be outside a lot. We have a great yard with a large wooden swing set, treehouse and pool. The yard is also filled with a variety of bird houses and feeders. I enjoy bird watching and am pretty good at recognizing all the different birds.



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