Ingersoll Place Assisted Living
Ingersoll Place Assisted Living Ingersoll Place Assisted Living

Board of Trustees

In Service to Their Community

Since its earliest inception, the Ingersoll Memorial Home – known today as Ingersoll Place – has been governed by an all-volunteer board of trustees. Over the years, with each successive generation of new members, the board’s collective expertise in business, healthcare, finance, governmental affairs and management has sustained Ingersoll Place as an essential community resource serving the greater Capital Region.

Current members of the Ingersoll Board of Trustees:


  • Christoper J. Healy, President
  • Kevin Walsh, Vice President
  • Edward Manard, Treasurer
  • Carol Kiddle, Secretary

Board Members

  • Leonard Angerame
  • Colleen Campoli
  • Scott Crowder
  • Gedia DeMaria
  • Amy DiModugno
  • David Gallup
  • Paul C. Sebesta
Ingersoll Place Assisted Living